"" It's hard to find a quiet place to meditate""
"we offer you the marvelous opportunity to discover your inner self , an isolated place, great men place , you can find peace quietness , to explore your interior and revel good things inside

Siwa Oasis :
Siwa Oasis is located in the Western Desert 18 meters below sea level. Its highest part is a little over 240 meters above sea level , Siwa is administered by the government of Marsa Matrouh, lying 307km to the southwest, and 420km west of Bahariya Oasis, 10,000 feddans of Siwa's area is cultivated dates and olives, There are about 70,000 olive trees and 300,000 date trees in Siwa., The number of springs in the oasis is around 1,000, The depression of Siwa is some 82 square kilometers, Its breadth averages between nine kilometers to 28 kilometers, Siwa 's population is around 23,000 , Siwa has been called Santarieh , the Oasis of Jupiter-Amun, Field of palm trees and during the Old Kingdom, Tehenu (Olive land). The Siwan language is one of the Berber dialects. Siwan men speak Arabic as a second language, while some of their womenfolk are not very familiar with Arabic.


Aghurmi : The abandoned village of Aghurmi , the original settlement of Siwa Oasis, sits high on a sheer-sided rock. The village is the home of the most important temple in Siwa, the Temple of the Oracle,

of the Oracle : Built during the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, the temple and its Oracle flourished well into the Greek and Roman periods.It is believed that Alexander the Great wished to consult the Siwan Oracle to seek conformation that he was the son of Zeus , the Greek God of Gods.

Fatnas :
Is a small island in lake Siwa which appears on the local map as Fantasy Island , Perhaps the latter name is appropriate for Fatnas truly seems to be enchanted, especially at sunset. Joined to the mainland by a causeway, the island is overgrown with vegetation and the drive into the springs is like a jungle journey. Deep in the palm grove which covers the entire island, the spring sees little sun and the surface looks as black as ink. In truth, it is crystal clear.

Springs :
The springs of Siwa are famous throughout the Western Desert . Most of them are surrounded by palm groves and some have interesting histories

Bir Wahed : Hidden amongst the sand dunes, camping and bathing in this natural hot spring is one of the delights that the visitor should not miss.

Siwa Souk : Siwa Souk or Siwa Market is famous for its highly priced jewelry, the silver is so exceptional in design and craftsmanship that each piece has become a collectors item on the world market.

Founded in the thirteenth century, the original layout of Shali was conceived with defense in mind. Built on a hill inside a protective wall originally breached by a single gate.

Gabal el Dakrour
This mountain is most famous for the treatment developed for Rheumatism and Arthritis, sand bathes are taken during the hottest months of the year.


Siwa is one of the best places known for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. Studies have shown the great healing power of the sand and heat of the desert of Siwa . Best time for hot sands natural treatment is July and August , operations arranged by specialist of local Bedouins


Gebel el Mawta : Gebel El Mawta, Mountain of the Dead, guards the northern entrance to the Oasis, Tombs from the twenty-sixth Dynasty, Ptolemaic, and Roman periods are cut into the side of the mountain.

Arag and Baharein Oasis : Accessible by 4wd, these two remotely located Oases are located amongst the sand dunes on the track between Siwa and Bahareya Oasis, The visitor seeking adventure should not miss this excursion, mummies and pottery are abundantly found among the numerous rock tombs.

Bir Ghaba
: The Well of The Forest, is a hot water well located in a grove of eucalyptus trees.

Western Desert Adventure Trails

04 Days / 03 Nights

Day 01 : Cairo / Alexandria
Early morning , depart from Cairo to Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast through desert road , approximately 3 hours drive from Cairo,  Visiting Pompey's Pillar, Montazah Palaces , the Catacombs and the new library ,   Overnight at the Hotel


Day 02 :   Alexandria / Siwa
Breakfast depart along the coast of the Mediterranean to Marsa Matrouh City and continue along the Desert Road to Siwa Oasis, known as the possible burial site of Alexander the Great, check in at your hotel , lunch , then Visit the old town of Shali which was founded 1203.  Dinner and over night. [B,L,D]


Day 03 : Siwa
Breakfast , start your day visiting Oracle temple of  the Amun ( visited by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, the old village, the second temple of Amun, the Jabal el Mawta Tombs( Mountain of the Dead) from the 26th Dynasty and the Siwa house museum, and finally to Cleopatra bath ,  back to hotel for dinner & overnight. (B,D)


Day 04 : Siwa / Alamein / Cairo
Breakfast at the hotel then drive to Cairo via El Alamein to the World War II Museum & Cemetery.  Continue to your Cairo (B)

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