Hurghada * The Pearl of the red sea *

It was founded in the beginning of the 20 th century and right now became the most famous tourist resort of the red sea coast as being an international center for aquatic sports such as windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, swimming and diving, Watching the fascinating under water gardens is the finest highlight of the red sea that you will never find it any where else, Hurghada the capital of the red sea with its marvelous islands where you spend a lovely time and to enjoy sun and sea, it is the absolute relaxation, each island is just a paradise for itself.
Red sea desert with its marvelous mountains plus a virgin nature where the Bedouins live in a very simple life.

Take a day Safari trip to enjoy a wonderful time watching many different animals and to visit the Claudianus mountain with the Mons of the Romans, the gold mines, climbing mountains so come and explore what we have. Holidays designer is the only staff specialized in this field specially the long trips in the eastern desert with overnight to those seeking the quietness, stars watching in a quite place to see what you have never seen in your life, even by telescopes between the mountains to be far from the cities light and crowd but enough to say no pollution, riding the so friendly camels, beautiful barbecue, not only this but even a small adventure you do by yourself like the quad runner. Get it and let yourself swim in a real fun without any danger. Driving in desert with 4x4 jeep safari cruiser is a real adventure for itself plus expecting more and more .

Being in Hurghda that gives access to many spots , From Hurghada to Luxor in one day trip by bus to visit the valley of the kings, Hatshepsut temple, colossi of Memnon ,Karnak complex, Two days to enjoy the achievements of the ancient Egyptians specially the temple of Ramses3,the valley of the queens, Karnak temple, temple of Amenhotep3,sound and light show in the evening, plus a city tour in Luxor. so many activities could be done while you are in Hurghada , please contact us for more details