Discover the ultimate experience at the Spa and Wellness Centre. Egyptian philosophy regards beauty as a holistic concept, embracing both the inner and outer self. The Spa and Wellness Centre cares for the whole person, bringing together the physical and spiritual senses to promote a feeling of total health.
"The Spa & Wellness Centre has a private "couples" spa. This private room offers everything, including massage tables, a small Jacuzzi, a private sauna and steam room -- exclusively for couples or small groups"

Ancient Egyptian Treatments - Jewel of the Nile
Indulge in the mystery of ancient Egypt through treatments and massages with natural products. Choose from among our traditional collection of treatments.

Cleopatra Milk Bath
Queen Cleopatra's milk baths were known to bring eternal youth, leaving the skin radically soft and pure to the touch. Indulge in a bathing ritual in which therapists will guide you through a traditional foot massage, then leave you to soak in a cloudy milk bath. Complete your treatment with an Egyptian ceremony of inhalations and body oil. An experience fit for a Queen. (50 minutes)

Egyptian Hair and Scalp Treatment
In ancient Egypt , hair played a major role in beauty rituals. Relax as your therapist runs their fingers through sections of your hair, applying warm oils and a heated poultice that will leave the scalp feeling refreshed and the hair nourished. Lie back to the touch of the rhythmic movements of massage and let your tension ease away. (30 minutes)

Imperial Massage
Two therapists massage you in synchronisation, with a combination of sensuous strokes and muscle manipulation using aromatic oil. This divine experience will make you feel you are in paradise. (30 minutes)

Stone Therapy
This unique treatment uses stones at varying temperatures combined with a body massage using aromatic oils to help increase circulation and instill a feeling of peace and relaxation. It also relieves muscles tension and increases energy. (60 minutes)

A glorious spa day that transcends the mind and emotions as the mystical powers of Egyptian aromatic oils enlighten your inner beauty. Start your day with a pharaonic massage to help unwind and relax you, followed by a rejuvenating hand and foot treatment to soothe tired and aching muscles. Experience the touch of an Egyptian hair and scalp massage. Then allow your mind to relax as you finish your day with a Nefertiti facial. Includes lunch. (3 hours and 30 minutes)

Exfoliation prepares the skin, while the waxing is followed by a light antiseptic oil that will calm and cool the skin. The treatment is completed with a cool moisturising balm that leaves the skin smooth and soft. Waxing is available for full leg, half leg, face, full arm, half arm, bikini, underarm, eyebrow, chin and lip. (Time will vary per individual)

Papyrus Wrap

Ancient Egyptians wrapped oils and linen around their bodies to encourage skin rejuvenation. Empty your mind and sooth your soul in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, as a ritual application of honey and herbs soothes and nourishes your skin. (50 minutes)

Pharaonic Massage
In this luxurious treatment once reserved for Egyptian royalty, a highly qualified therapist massages the body with individually chosen Egyptian aromatic oils. A heated poultice of aromatic herbs is used to soothe muscles, nourish the skin and induce relaxation, providing an experience as spiritual as it is physical. (60 minutes)

Sinai Treasure Mud
This traditional beauty treatment provides stimulating and refreshing cleansing for the skin, and is an excellent choice for improving circulation and skin tone. This treatment gives the skin a fresh look and leaves it feeling soft and pampered. (50 minutes)

Asian Treatments
Javanese Lulur / Thai Massage

Dead Sea Treatments
This diverse, innovative collection of signature treatments has been created especially for the Spa and Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence, using natural ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea in Jordan .

Pressure Point Massage
A full-body massage focusing on acupressure points along the body's meridian lines, this treatment will help to improve circulation and increase the flow of energy to the mind and body, easing away everyday stress and tension. (50 minutes)

Essence of Egypt
Allow the mystical powers of Egyptian aromatic oils to enlighten your inner beauty. Start your day with a Cleopatra bath to help unwind and relax you, followed by a Swedish massage using essential oils to suit your individual needs. Experience the touch of an Egyptian hair and scalp massage. Then relax you mind as you finish your day with a King Tut facial. Includes lunch. (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Nefertiti Facial
Many natural beauty preparations stem from the palaces of Egypt , where princesses spent their youth learning and preparing them for their own use. Enjoy an age-old treatment as your skin is softened and moisturised, promoting cell renewal. This simple and sensual facial uses flowers that are pureed and applied to the skin, and aromatic oils that are inhaled. A fine mist of rose water will leave you and your skin feeling rejuvenated. (50 minutes)